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LED Lighting & Design

Luxor ZDC Lighting System Installation


For The Effect of Light

Rich Miller Landscape Service will design, install and maintain any outdoor LED lighting system. This allows you the opportunity to discover the true potential of your landscape well after sunset. Custom designed lighting systems reveal the hidden beauty of your property and add safety, security and value of your residence or business. Safety and aesthetics play a key role in this increasingly popular area of landscape design. Using down-lighting, up-lighting, accent and path lighting elevates your nighttime landscape to a whole new level.

Rich Miller Landscape Service offers lighting systems using the highest quality products including Vista™, FX Luminaire™, Kichler™, and many more. Many products carry a lifetime warranty and we offer a one year warranty on all installation.


Rich Miller Landscape Service LED Lighting and Design

Custom Design
The most important aspect of any outdoor lighting application is the design. We will listen closely to be certain we met all of your needs. Landscape lighting is functional and aesthetic. Our designer will determine your needs, based on a multitude of factors at your site.

Your outdoor lighting installation will be completed by highly trained personnel. We use only the highest quality materials, best techniques and minimize disruption.

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Maintenance Programs

We offer lamp replacements, LED drop-ins, fixture relocation, adjustment and cleaning. Call today for a custom quote on your existing system. 971-409-7174

Your landscape investment is an important part of your property and the ability to accentuate it’s beauty at night may have exponential added benefit. Look for 3 areas of your property you would like to enhance and schedule a consultation with our designer today. Please answer the following:

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