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Living Walls


Our Living wall systems are an engineered architectural system comprising of planting modules each with a geotextile media bag, support brackets with covers, anti-lift arms and anchoring systems. This is paired with a proprietary planting media and an automated drip irrigation system to ensure peak performance. Living wall systems use UV-stabilized plastic modules, stainless steel support brackets and pilasters.

A living wall custom designed and installed by Rich Miller Landscape Service will cool an area through a combination of shading, reflective activity and evapotranspiration, thus reducing heat transfer.

Urban areas are an increasing hostile environment for us and wildlife. We seek to improve your work or home space while effecting the environment around. Our city is running out of space. Every square foot should be utilized for function, beauty and be environmentally healthy. Blank walls at work or home are often drab and boring. Living walls are an effective way to add an extra “pop” to any space however large or small. We are eager to provide a design and installation quote Today!