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Maintenance Services


Professional Commercial and Residential Landscape Maintenance includes the following approach: site preparation and turf grass maintenance; upon arrival Rich Miller Landscape Service will police the property for debris and safety hazards. Rich Miller Landscape service will commence mowing and edging of turf areas of your property using its fleet of commercially maintained equipment. All clippings will be neatly transported to our service vehicle and recycled.

Fertilization, weed control; Fertilizers will be applied to the turf grass and seasonally adjusted for Northwest turf. Weeds will be extracted and treated in an environmentally safe non-broadcast method for optimal control. We can also develop a custom pure organic program to meet your specific needs.

Shrub care; this service consists of expert trained pruning practices, thinning, deadheading shearing as dictated by plant species, health and appearance.


Rich Miller Landscape Service is dedicated to the overall health of our environment, safety of your family, pets and our employees. That is why we use of Perfect Blend Organics™. to our product inventory.

Rich Miller Landscape service will sample your soil for lab analysis to customize a program suited for your current soil conditions. All fertilizer applications will be scheduled and results will be recorded to your customer account history. Our research indicates that the complex makeup of organic products will result in a healthier turf which will than be less susceptible to diseases and weed encroachment, thus the reduction of selective weed control chemicals.

Rich Miller Landscape Service will also maintain your bedding areas in the following; Manual weed extraction, Mulch and Corn gluten products as an extra preventive measure.

Color Swap & Scene Change

Rich Miller Landscape service can install a wide range of premium Northwest color annuals, perennials and plants to meet your every whim. We use high quality grower direct nursery stock grown for Oregon’s climate. This program includes all labor, commercial planting mix, fertilizer, pest control and related maintenance.

Rich Miller Landscape Service can also provide custom planters and pots for patios and entries.

Certified Landscape Technician:

The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) announces that Rich Miller of Rich Miller Landscape Service has earned CLT-E and is now nationally certified. Certification enhances an individual’s professionalism, demonstrates a sense of personal achievement, and increased respect and recognition in the profession.

The PLANET certification program, Landscape Industry Certified, is supported and used internationally, shows credibility and commitment to best practices, and leaves a lasting impression. In fact, the International Certification Council (ICC) has worked to align the PLANET certification program with national standards and follow a robust strategic planning initiative.

For more information, visit, or call the PLANET office at (800) 395-2522.


PLANET is the association of members who create and maintain the QUALITY OF LIFE in communities across America. With more than 3,500 member companies and affiliates, these firms and their employees represent more than 100,000 green industry professionals. Some of these professionals have taken the extra step of becoming certified through PLANET and bear the distinction of being known as Landscape Industry Certified.