Landscape lighting showcases your landscape at night!

With Over 14 Years in Landscape Lighting Design, We Can Accentuate Your Architecture, Extend Your Night-Time Living Space and Add Safety and Security to Your Property…

Here are some of the features we have for your outdoor landscape lighting:

  • Wifi ready
  • Fully programmable
  • Color changing
  • White balance adjusting
  • Superior wiring systems
  • Factory trained
  • Expert design
  • Professional and detailed
  • Lifetime warranties​
  • Maintenance programs
  • Expert repair
  • Integrates to Google Nest among others

Our “Hub” system organizes landscape lights & power

Rich Miller Lighting employs the use of “hubs” by Unique Lighting Systems. Their patented HUB system sets the benchmark within the industry and continues to be the best solution for saving time and money. Wire connections are the weakest point of any low voltage installation and are susceptible to wicking and water infiltration. The HUB installation method means less maintenance, less lamp outages and easier troubleshooting. In addition the HUB method utilizes less wire and saves money.

Flexibility is essential as landscape lighting continues to grow and change over time. Unique Lighting Systems Odyssey Series fixtures feature a 25’ wire lead that enables unmatched flexibility and makes expansion easy as trees grow, and the landscape develops.Rich Miller Lighting

Here are some of the benefits:
  • Reduce the number of connections by up to 80% versus standard wiring methods
  • Central location for connections,
  • Takes the guesswork​ out of troubleshooting
  • Protects connections from moisture to minimize wicking and corrosion
  • Distributes proper voltage evenly to every fixture
  • 20 Amp fuse in a ​waterproof​ housing
  • Protects wire from damage that may occur in the yard
  • Solid brass barrel lugs for lasting durable connections
  • Pre-greased black wire caps to protect connections from moisture
  • Solid mechanical connections ensure​ the life and performance of the HUB
  • Adds years of life to your system and protect​​s your investment.

“I would recommend Rich Miller Landscape to anyone with landscaping needs — especially lighting — from beginning to end.”

Jay Sargent, Terminal Transfer


Rich Miller Landscape Lighting DockSome of the best ways to light up your life:

  • Docks
  • Patios
  • Home Exterior
  • Commercial Exterior
  • Gardens
  • Landscaping
  • Pools
  • Waterfalls
  • Walkways/Paths
  • Stairs

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